Victor Ponomarenko

Victor Ponomarenko
Viсtor Ponomarenko was born in 1987 in Krasnodarskiy region, Russia. In 2009 he graduated from the Krasnodar Art School and is currently a student of the book graphic Workshop led by Professor A. A. Pahomov in the Russian Art Academy, Saint-Petersburg (i.e. Repin Institute). 

Ponomarenko uses the traditional and even conservative painting technique as he turns to the artistic manner of the 17th century Dutch masters. Objects in his still lifes, however, are the symbols of the 21st century, for example, disposable tableware, convenience food from supermarket, wrapped in film. The rotting vegetable in the plastic bag – is a sign of the consumer society, which sees no limits in its striving to fulfil the needs. Wrapped in film products, package, cans and the decomposition process is perceived by Ponomarenko as an allegory of the modern world, in which we live. At the same the artist sees beauty in such things: the refraction of light in plastic, the color harmony and texture changes in rotting plants, contemporary materials as a means of creative diversity… Ponomarenko’s still life Breakfast is “the Past under plastic film”. This work is easily associated with a 17th century Dutch still life, which can be characterized by a direct effect of the image on the “taste buds”. Here, however, one experiences a substitution of sensations: instead of food smell – rustling polyethylene, instead of the crunchy baguette crust – smooth surface of the package. This packaging film is an insurmountable barrier between ages and a metaphor of the 21st century.

Deliberately classical composition of his works, draperies, light arrangement, – all point to the artist’s desire to create a link (bridge) between the pictorial tradition and contemporary reality and, despite their contradictions and ambiguities, take them to the pedestal of the high art.

Victor Ponomarenko’s paintings

Victor Ponomarenko’s graphic works